Corporate Retirement Plans

Benefits are an increasingly essential tool for businesses to attract, retain and motivate top employees. We’ll work with you to develop and manage the type of benefits plan that is right for your business. Our independent advisors will utilize mutual funds and ETFs to allow for each plan participant to achieve his or her goals.


401(k) plans remain an effective retention tool and are one of the most popular types of employer-sponsored retirement plans. With this plan, an employee can invest a portion of his or her earnings before taxes are taken out. Some employers offer to match their workers’ contributions as a means to improve employee retention and motivation.


403(b) plans are tax-deferred retirement plans for qualified employees of tax-exempt organizations and public schools, such as teachers, doctors and ministers. These plans allow employees to make salary deferral contributions up to regulatory limits with earnings tax-deferred until they are withdrawn.

Profit-sharing Plans

Under a profit-sharing plan, employees get a percentage of the company’s profits based on annual or quarterly earnings.

Defined-benefit Plans

Under this plan, an employee’s benefits are computed according to deciding factors. Benefits may be paid in a lump sum or monthly payments.

Cash Balance Plans

Like a traditional pension plan, a cash balance plan provides your employees with the option of a lifetime annuity. Unlike an annuity, these plans create an individual account for each of your covered employees. We work with actuaries to monitor the plan on an ongoing basis and proactively communicate with your employees to keep them apprised along the way.

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