Why Innovation Has Created an Investor’s Conundrum and How to Adapt

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As you know, investors are chasing companies that are developing cutting-edge technologies with the potential to help people cope with the pandemic’s massive disruption. From services that allow people to socialize and shop for groceries without leaving their homes to lifesaving pharmaceuticals and breakthroughs in vaccine development – transformative technologies are all increasingly desirable investments. 

It seems as though the same innovation making the world go around is also turning the world upside down. In an almost complete reversal of historical precedent, the risk of buying high-quality value stocks and diversifying into high-quality bonds may now be greater than the risk of investing in companies that are already appreciating based on future earnings growth potential. 

This is the modern investor’s conundrum, which raises essential questions. Is it now actually more conservative to invest in companies driving innovation with high potential for growth potential? And, if so, are these investments appropriate for every investor? 

Want to explore these questions and how this conundrum may affect your investments in more detail? Check out the complete article penned by our CEO, Nick Stonnington, on Forbes by clicking here.

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