Private Assets Management

Private Assets Management

Providing Alternative Assets Consulting and Management

We consult on alternative investments for our clients, assisting them in the selection, acquisition and management of alternative assets. We provide analysis and due diligence of investment opportunities as well as ongoing monitoring and, as needed, operational assistance after investments are made. In addition, we run a private equity fund internally for our existing clients and certain accredited high net worth investors. Our expertise includes:

Investment in early-stage emerging companies.

Successful investment in early-stage companies involves more than just provision of capital. It requires collaboration with management teams to help build their companies. As entrepreneurs ourselves we enjoy building relationships with the management teams of our portfolio companies and providing strategic guidance, key introductions, and operational insights.

Small buyouts. 

We believe that while leverage is an important aspect of buyouts, real value is produced through operational improvements. We will source, structure, and negotiate acquisitions; take operational roles to improve business efficiencies and increase revenue; and when the time comes will effectively package companies for sale.

Capital Allocation.

Our highly qualified team has significant experience in the allocation of capital to other managers in private equity funds, private equity funds of funds, and hedge funds. We implement a quantitative asset allocation methodology, rigorous due diligence, and a comprehensive ongoing monitoring process.